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Utrecht is a major city in the centre of the Netherlands with more than 300.000 inhabitants. It’s the fourth city of the Netherlands and has a very central location: by train you are within 30 minutes in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Utrecht is a great city for students as it has a lot of facilities for theatre, music, sports and museums. In the beautiful city centre, you can find a lot of restaurants and bars to have a drink, eat a bite or go dancing.

There are over 200 kinds of programs available, over 30.000 students are living in Utrecht and almost 70.000 student are studying in Utrecht. Utrecht has several institutes and universities that offer dozens of HBO and WO programs. The Dutch education system offers two ways to study a bachelor’s degree: the more practical (applied) science (Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs, HBO) and the academic teaching with a more theoretical approach (Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs, WO). WO institutes are generally called university, while HBO institutes are generally called “Hogeschool”.

The Utrecht University (UU) is an internationally oriented university which offers a lot of possibilities. More and more bachelor and master programs are available in English, which has stimulated many foreign students to study in Utrecht. The education offered by Utrecht University is large and diverse. You can choose from almost 50 bachelor programs and approximately 180 master programs in almost all science areas. The UU has 7 faculties: Geoscience; Humanities; Law, Economics and Governance; Medicine; Science; Social and Behavioural Sciences; and Veterinary Medicine.

In Breukelen, a small town close to Utrecht, you can find the Nyenrode Business Universiteit. It is the oldest private university of the Netherlands and its education is focused upon business.

There are several HBO institutes available in Utrecht:

  • Hogeschool Tio Utrecht offers programs that are related to hotel management, event management, tourism and business.
  • Marnix Academie is an independent “hogeschool” specialized in teacher education for primary education.
  • InterCollege Business School Utrecht is a private educational institute where you can study for a Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration.
  • Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) is an institute that offers higher education in the arts, offering programs in Fine Arts, Design, Music, Theater, Games and Interaction, Media and Art Management.
  • Hogeschool Utrecht offers more than 90 bachelor’s degrees, divided over 9 themes: Economics & Management; Communication & Journalism; Construction & Environment; Healthcare; Information & Communication; Technology; Life Sciences & Chemistry; Society & Law; Education; Technology & Design.

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