You’ve found us at last! If you’re considering studying in the Netherlands,
then you’re in the right place.

Our foreign guests,

You’ve found us at last! If you’re considering studying in the Netherlands, then you’re in the right place. No matter where you’re located or the study you would like to do, Schools-Unlimited can help you find the right place, and provide all the help and guidance you need. With our unique service, we guarantee to help you find the perfect place for you. Any help and support will be based on your needs; this could be official documentation, information on housing, study applications, insurance, medical matters – you name it, we can do it!

You may have found the right place to study in the Netherlands but are having second thoughts regarding a variety of things such as the education system, medical concerns or just being homesick – we ensure that our great professionals can coach and support you. The choice is yours regarding the level of support and help needed.

We are located in Rotterdam but can be reached from wherever you are in the world through a number of ways – Skype, phone or Facetime are just a couple of the platforms available. By the way, if you are considering Rotterdam as your new location for studying, check out our video.

Every year 90.000 students from all over the world come to the Netherlands to study. The Netherlands is a well-liked choice for many foreign students as of the high standard of its education system. The most popular student cities are Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, which offer a wide variety of studies. The Technical Universities are located in Delft (TU Delft), Eindhoven (University of Technology, TUE) and Enschede (TU Twente). The University of Agriculture is located in Wageningen (Wageningen University & Research, WUR).

The Dutch education system has two ways to study a bachelor’s degree. There is a possibility for more practical (applied) science (Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs, HBO) and there is the academic teaching with a more theoretical approach, which the Dutch call university (Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs, WO). In both systems you can get your “propedeuse” (diploma for obtaining the whole first year of the career) and your bachelor’s degree. You can only study for a master’s degree at a university.

Besides the explained system above there are particular universities, for instance Nijenrode Business University.

The Netherlands is famous for its way of life, democracy, multicultural society, the organisation of the education system and the many possibilities available.

There are 14 universities and 37 HBO institutes in the Netherlands. Most of the universities and institutes have several locations throughout the city where they are located and some are even located in various cities. In most cases, the number of people that can apply to the studies is unlimited. There are institutes for art, design, economics, applied science, languages, law, hotel management, education and many other programs.






















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