We start with a very extensive and personal intake using a questionnaire and a wish list. For instance: registration, housing, airline tickets, official documents, medical matters etc. If you want to have an intake, you will receive a contract. After signing the contract, an appointment will be scheduled at short notice on location or by phone. The intake will be free of costs if you continue with our services, otherwise the intake will cost €75. It can’t be any more flexible than this.

After the intake, you can indicate whether you want to use our services. After agreeing to further work out the intake, within 10 working days a very comprehensive advice will be given that discusses all matters related to your adventure abroad. This will entail certain costs. With this advice, you can now organize your study abroad. But you can also leave the entire execution in our hands, so that you are sure that everything has been worked out in detail and you will not encounter any (unpleasant) surprises. This will save you a lot of time, frustration and uncertainties. This also will entail certain costs. After all, it is all about exclusive custom work. Always ask for the discount options and let yourself be surprised.

It cannot be any more transparent. No hidden rates, price fluctuations or the like, just a clear and fair overview of costs. In case there are any grants available, they will surely be requested by Schools-Unlimited for the benefit of the student. We do our utmost to obtain the best price for our students in the collaboration with all the partners we do business with.

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